Are you looking for a change in your styling career? At The Collective, we do things a bit differently than a traditional salon. We found out that there was a more simple way of doing things and working for ourselves made the most sense.

Our Model

What’s our model you ask.? It’s pretty simple. A licensed stylist leases space in our salon. In exchange, a gorgeous work environment and amenities for yours to use. Basically, you remain an independent stylist, with The Collective acting as your landlord.

The Perks

A flat weekly fee includes a styling station, utilities, and a full-time receptionist. All back bar products, retail products, supplies and color are also provided. The best part of it all is flexibility – set your own schedule, charge what you feel is right and inevitably make much more by keeping more of your earnings.

Why It Works

Because we work for ourselves, everyone at The Collective is equally invested. The goal is to keep costs down, the space super clean and to provide an ultimate salon experience for every client and each other. When these goals are met, we get to have a great place to work where stylists thrive and clients adore.


At this time, we are only looking to add stylists to our team. If any of this has piqued your interest, simply fill out some info below and let’s chat.

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