What’s The Collective all about? It’s quite simple really. The Collective is just that – a collection of highly motivated and talented individuals that share similar goals and have come together to:

    • build an inspiring space that exudes comfort and creativity
    • create amazing hair that showcases the guest’s unique style
    • provide an environment that focuses on the ultimate salon experience for every guest, every visit

Are you awesome and looking for a change? Work here.

Our Founder

With more than 18 years of experience in the beauty industry, Matthew Mackai opened The Collective Spring 2016 in Downtown Milwaukee. Graduating at the youthful age of 18, Matthew received his education from VICI Beauty School in Milwaukee. He’s worked for Lancôme, MAC, Beauty, Erik of Norway and Scottfree Salon.

Always interested in further honing his craft and keeping current in the hair industry, Matt continues his education in cities that are at forefront of style – New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Berlin, Helsinki and Toronto.

“I wanted to open a salon where I could work with friends and have it operate in a way that we could all grow as individuals, feel like we were part of a team and be able to focus on our guests – and nothing else.”

Our Space

With a passion for concept development and interiors, Matthew dreamed up a space that would be a destination, not just a salon. The goal is to provide a place where people not only come to get a great service but to relax, unwind and enjoy the atmosphere.

Open and loft-like, The Collective is a unique space that encourages a sense of leisure. The salon features high-end and comfortable furnishings and communal seating areas reminiscent of a boutique hotel lounge.